X-Rays: Is There Really Cause For Concern?
How to Care for Your Infant’s Oral Health
Teeth Polishing: Traditional vs. Prophy-Jet

X-Rays: Is There Really Cause For Concern?Would you sacrifice a complete picture of your dental health in order to bypass X-rays? If you’re struggling to decide, you’re not the only one! Radiation concerns are giving trypanophobia (fear of needles) a run for its money around the dentist’s office, but skipping this important step in your checkup could be a costly gamble. Read More >  

How to Care for Your Infant’s Oral HealthTeeth or no teeth, your infant’s oral health should always be a top priority. But, how are you supposed to care for your baby’s teeth? There are numerous steps to take and each serves an important purpose in preparing your baby for a future smile he or she will be glad to show off. Read More >  

Teeth Polishing: Traditional vs. Prophy-JetWhen you schedule professional dental cleanings, you expect hands-on treatment and cleaning techniques. But, what happens when dentists begin using instruments that no longer require contact with your teeth to do their job? The results may surprise you! Read More >