Pelton & Crane Sterilization Cabinet

Pelton & Crane’s Solaris Sterilization Center streamlines the process of dental sterilization from start to finish by making it easier, safer, and less time consuming while adhering to CDC guidelines.
Receiving/Cleaning/Decontamination Area

StagReceiving/Cleaning/Decontamination Areae 1 is designed to be functional, secure, and ergonomically sound with several features that increase convenience while reducing risks of injury, accidents, and bottlenecks.

Preparation and Packaging AreaPreparation and Packaging AreaThe Stage 2 area of the Solaris Sterilization Center is of utmost importance, where the risk of cross-contamination is highest. According to CDC guidelines for infection control: “Walls or partitions should separate the sections to control traffic flow and contain contaminants generated during processing.”

Sterilization AreaSterilization AreaDesigned for ease-of-use and convenient maintenance, the sterilization tower (Stage 3) has one inch solid surface shelving that supports dual autoclaves or low capacity sterilizers. Shelves roll out for easy cleaning.

Sterile Storage AreaSterile Storage AreaOur Stage 4 sterile storage area offers pull-out, 180° swivel wire racks that can be easily adjusted. Four viewing panels allow easy inspection of contents and aseptic nickel handles open the door with ease.